Train Set Contest

A next post from Krzysztof, only a bit outdated, but if someone wants to enter this contest, there are 6 days to deadline. :)

An user of KMFL forum - Maks announced a contest in the subject of Trains. Everyone can enter it. Here are contents of the task:

"The task is following: you have to design a set in a climate of Trains. It doesn't have to be a train, or either locomotive, could be a train station, platform, track-road vehicle, level crossing, etc. The playability is more important than the momentum of work or use of complicated techniques, you also can't exceed the maximum number of parts in set, which will be 300. I'll give three weeks for realisation of commission, if someone wants to buy parts, he'll do it. The lack of tracks also shouldn't bother - they can be successfully replaced by flexes or tiles placed on side. The prize will be minifigs of McGonagall and Dumbledore from HP theme. If the winning entry will get high, then the discussion will be started, whether the author should get the special prize. Selecting the winner will look like that:
Poll - 5 points for first place, 4 points for second, 3 points for third and so on till the fifth place and 1 point.
- jury rating (it will be either me alone or I'll ask 1-2 people) ditto - first place 5 points and so on. The totality of points given by jury and get in poll.(...)
The prize:

(...)So jury looks following: I [maks] and Volans (user very familiar with trains). I decided to extend the time, it counts since Wednesday the 7th July till Sunday 8th August. I want to wait till Wednesday, until more people will participate. Works should be published in the appropriate section of forum, and a link to the work in the contest topic. An arithmetic mean will be calculated from points given by jury, eg. I'll give 4 points and Volans will give 2, so 3 points will come out."
People from outside of KMFL forum who are willing to participate in the contest are invited to tell it to Maks by mail: maksymilian.majchrzak@wp.pl.

I write about this contest because it's quite interesting and there is a chance that some elegant work will emerge. ;-)

Best regards, Krzysztof.

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