Eis Pirat!

A tenement builded by Erdbeereis, the Eurobricks user:

Look at the... well, actually at everything: ingenious roof built with clips, flexes and tiles, whip ornaments (BTW they are similiar to those arnaments in Fire Brigade, on ground floor), interesting barriers between the pavement and tables, chairs, a counter with ice cream and nice umbrellas. A use of train glasses with white frame add some modernity to this building. I was going to add some criticism, but unfortunately I can't, maybe the next time. ;)

More photos:

Regards, Dr Kilroy


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Best wishes from entire team of Bricks in Suit.


Christmas card by Athos.


New sets coming out in 2010


Eurobricks user, Whung, found few photos of boxes of new sets coming out in 2010. I found among them one quite elegant set and one, which can be regarded as such. The first is 3222:

We can't see very much on this photo, but limo is beautiful, and minifigs (especially the companion of this VIP :) ) look interesting. We don't know the prices yet.

The second is an impulse 7567:

Excellent selection of parts; a computer, a camera, a shoulder bag, ginger hair (those "modern"), my favourite minifig face, two suitcases, cheese slope 2x1 and two clear panels 1x2. We don't know the price of this set, too (probably about 4$).

More photos on Eurobricks and in Whung's gallery (after publication).

Regards, Dr Kilroy


New collectible minifigs coming out in 2010!


Eurobricks user, Sir Dano, found a photo of the collectible minifigs, which probably will be released in 2010:

If it's true, we will get a bunch of new parts and also some reactivated old ones. If someone doesn't know, I'll say who is who:

1. Cavemen,
2. Cheerleader,
3. Clown,
4. Adventurer,
5. Dummy,
6. Diver,
7. Indian,
8. Magician (ellegant!),
9. Ninja,
10. Nurse,
11. Forestman (!!!),
12. Robot,
13. Some rock musician, or something like that :) ,
14. Astronaut,
15. Wrestler,
16. Zombie.

My favourites are Forestmen, nurse and magician. If they really will be released, we will have a minifig revolution! What do you think?

Regards, Dr Kilroy

Department Store Black &White


Black & White is probably a colour of this building, but I prefer it as name. Well, I browsed Eurobricks and I noticed a quite nice tenement builded by Jameson42:

I like here those large, glass, modern windows, colours, plants and a roof builded out of large tiles 8x16 (I like these bricks very much :D ). All details are nice and well chosen. The builder used there a technique, which uses modified plates 1x2 and 1x8 with door panes and large glasses 1x4x6 to make big exhibition glasses without frames. I like this technique very much. :) There is also a light grey pavement instead of dark grey, but I don't commend this, because I'm a conservative in this question. :)

Regards, Dr Kilroy


Creations for Charity


The picture is the link. Nannan Zhang founded a store on the Bricklink, in which he sells famous builders' MOCs. All funds will go towards buying Lego sets for unprivileged children. Foundation Toys for Tots participes in this action.

Few intresting (and most elegant) works:

Surreakistic Nannan Zhang's vignette "Great Anachronism" (50 USD):

Beach booth (vignette size) by Michael Jasper (12,50 USD):

Holiday figures - nutcracker (not working :D ) and soldier by Don Wilson (10 USD):

Surrealistic work (diorama) by Nannan Zhang "Atavism" (50 USD):

"Charity Hour on Highway 44), mech - Brian Kscenovitz, the rest of the diorama - Keith Goldman (170 USD):

Yuck, mechs. However I quite like this work. :)

The best at the end - Dave Kaleta's tie (34 USD):

I could buy it, but I regret my money because I don't often wear ties. :D

If you want to participate in action and give your MOCs for auction, you only need to be more than 13 years old, send an e-mail to Nannan Zhang (mr.bley@gmail.com), in which are included a good photo of the work, link to gallery, minimal price of the MOC, it's name, short description and builder's full name. You can find more informations here.

I encourage you to auction.

Regards, Dr Kilroy

EDIT: The first wave sold for 1008,99 USD!


MOC - The Settlers

A post from Krzysztof:

Welcome after the fairly long break. Recently interested me the Lugpol user - Qworg's construction. It's a building from the popular game - The Settlers. Personally I like the most colours of the MOC, and also varied ground. Look at the interesting looking, curved planks.

Here are some photos:

Side view:


More photos in gallery here: LINK

P.S. Sorry, that I didn't posted for a long time, but somehow I didn't have time.


10211 Grand Emporium!!!

Well, that's like Svelte imagine it: :)

The photo is the link to the gallery, when it will be public.

A building has got also a furnished roof and ground floor!

There is also a playable function - removing lay-figure's "background":

Regards, Dr Kilroy


The photo is the link. It started! Like always contest lasts 2 months - from 1 November to 31 December. I tell you, the prizes are attractive and categories are original and interesting this year.

Technological Advance

Create a scene with a device that changed medieval warfare, commerce, construction, manufacturing, or exploration.

Prize: used 6030 Catapult:

Alternate Universe

Build your own castle moc using pieces only from one official LEGO Castle theme set. Ideas include carts, inns, shops, stables, and towers. There is not a maximum baseplate size limit in this category.

Prize: used 6041 Armor Shop:

Medieval Mariner

Build a scene featuring life with the sea. Ideas include ships, seaports, lighthouses, etc.

Prize: used 6057 Sea Serpent:

Outlaw Escape

Build a scene showing your outlaws evading capture or breaking out of imprisonment. Ideas include a jailbreak, secret hiding places, or traveling in clever disguises.

Prize: used 6042 Dungeon Hunters:

Eastern Medieval Life

Create a medieval building that is not located in Western Europe.

Prize: new 1269 White Ninja and 3051 Blaze Attack:

Religious Life

Show how an event at or near a religious building influenced daily life in medieval times. Ideas include a wedding, feast day, pilgrimage, funeral, or coronation at a church, cathedral, mosque, temple, or monastery.

Prize: new (!) 6102 Castle Mini-Figures:

Training a Knight

Build three scenes depicting the training of a page and/or squire in order to become a knight.

Prize: 6067 Guarded Inn (!) & BrickArms Custom Practice Swords:

(I can't find swords photos :P )

Custom Castle Figure

Create a realistic or fantasy customized castle figure. You may use modified bricks, custom accessories, and/or stickers. Ideas include knights, monks, peasants, wizards, elves, and fairies.

Prize: new BrickArms Custom Prototypes


Does your castle creation not fit in one of our categories? Then enter it here! This category does not have a baseplate size limitation. Remember that you are still limited to three photographs, even for large creations.

Prize: used 12x4801 Defence Archer (!):

Brick Castle

Build a Castle that uses clay fired bricks as a major part of its architecture. Examples include the Castles at Gediminas, Malbork, Lida, and Mir. The minimum size of a castle should be 32x32 studs. There is not a maximum size limit in this category but keep in mind that you can only enter 3 photographs of your castle.

Prize: used 6073 Knight's Castle:

Fantasy Castle

Build a castle inspired by your favorite fantasy castle stories or factions. Include architectural features not often found in real castles. Possible ideas include cantilevered towers, tower bridges, and floating rocks. The minimum size of a castle should be 32x32 studs. There is not a maximum size limit in this category but keep in mind that you can only enter 3 photographs of your castle.

Prize: new 7097 Trolls' Mountain Fortess:

Master Builder

This prize will be awarded to the builder who enters 6 or more categories and has the highest score when their top six creation scores are averaged.

Prize: MISB 3739 Blacksmith Shop (!!!):

Are you going to enter? What do you think about prizes and categories?

Regards, Dr Kilroy

New Modular House?

Eurobricks user - legomilk - reported us, that in the March 2010 will be realeased a new Exclusive set - 10211 Grand Emporium. It will be a corner tenement, a big store. It will contain 2182 parts and on S@H will cost 149,99$. Other informations: it will be grey-black-yellow with large amount of windows. There aren't any photos. :( However I know, it will be similiar to buildings from those photos:

What do you think?

Regards, Dr Kilroy

Sweet dreams

A new post from Legofan:


Crises, Lugpol user suprised me recently with a best vignette I ever seen. Look at the beautiful curtains - this is my favourite part of vignette, I never have thought they can be done from brick modified 1x2x1 1/3 with curved top. Crises finely showed minifigure's fear by a head and pose. The next excellent details are the quilt and monster's tentacles.

So I wish you pleasant dreams! Good night!


Lego Forestmen

Hello! I'm sorry you waited so long for a new post, but I didn't have vein. :) Today we will talk about Forestmen.

Do you remember those green guys with traditional smiled faces, bows and characteristic hats with plumes? Yeah, they are Forestmen.

Sets from this sub-theme were produced in 80-s - Lego Golden Age. Characteristic features of this Castle branch are, excluding minifigs, green baseplates, green parts used to build trees and outlook of buildings, imitating trees with black (why?) trunks with gray accents.

Now I'll show you sets from this subtheme. Sadly, only 7 (or rather 6) were released.

First is 1680 Crusader's Cart (similiar to 1877, but comes with 3 minifigs):

And this 1877 (released only in USA):

1680 includes 67 parts, 1877 60 parts.

But if I would enrich a few minifigs I wouldn't buy this set. Why? One costs about 30$. ;)

Despite the price set isn't bad, but Forestmen have got more popular, red plumes (which also are rare for me :D ). We've got also old, round shield, pitchfork, ABS sword (acrylo-nitrylo-butadienostyrene, those new, pearl swords can be bented on, which is due to the lack of this material, which is a a principal component of the bricks) and red saddle (with a part of the horse xP).

Main model is also good.

My rating: 6/10.

Now 1974, Smuggler's Hayride (released only in USA):

Contains 47 parts.

This set is slightly less interesting than listed above, contains only two minifigs - one peasant (with pitchfork :) ) and one Forestmen (with black plume :D ).

IMO the railings and color of whip don't fit properly, but everything except those is OK. :)

Trivia: under the number 1974 were realeased three sets. Really 1974 is a number of bigger set, which contains some smaller (S@H name: Product Collections).

My rating: 5/10.

There are the photos of other smaller sets in 1974:

Star Quest (31 parts):

I Flyercracker USA (69 parts):

Next set is 6054 - Forestmen's Hideout, one of the bigger sets:

Contains 191 bricks.

That's one of the bigger set from Forestmen subtheme. Unfortunately, we can find there only 2 minifigs - with red and yellow plumes. The set is perfect - in terms of parts (2 Forestmen shields, a bow, ABS sword, 3 small plant parts, 7 bigger plant parts, two pine trees [small and large] and an archery target) and in terms of playability (the building can be opened, this feature is characteristical for sets from those days). Only disadvantages are the lack of the interior and yellow round plates 1x1 instead of gold coins, but then this mould wasn't invented.

But when this is a hideout, why on the top flutters a red flag? :)

My rating: 7/10.

Now the legendary 6066 Camouflaged Outpost, first set from this subtheme:

Contains 189 bricks.

This is my favourite Forestmen set. Contains 6 minifigures - with blue, red, yellow and black (!) plumes. We can find there also a brown horse with red saddle, 2 goblets, 5 bows, a smaller kind of halberd, ABS sword, 2 small pine trees, 3 small plant parts and 8 bigger plant parts.

The outpost is builded on 2 baseplates - 8x16 and 16x16, so it can be opened.

We can enter the building through two entrances - the first can be opened by raising the black rock, second by raising the "driveway". :D

And like in 6054 - on the top there is a red flag. :)

My rating: 10/10. Yeah!

The next set in 6071 Forestmen's Crossing (only avaible in USA):

Contains 207 parts.

One of the rarest Forestmen sets. We can find there 5 minifigs - 2 with yellow and 2 with red plumes, and one, very rare, unique Forestwoman! :D Well, and one white horse with traditional Forestmen red saddle. Accesories: green whip - creeper, brown spear, 3 bows with 3 quivers, Forestmen shield, ABS sword and a chest with treasure (yellow round plates 1x1 xP ). There are also 14 parts - leaves, only large. Rare parts from this set are brown ladder, brown rope bridge and Forestwoman's headgear (green Pirate rag wrap).

Model is very playable, like all Forestmen buildings. I love all hideouts etc. :) It's a pity there aren't any hideouts in a tree, if it would appear, my rating of this set could increase a bit.

Well, and a red flag on the top - but now there's nowhere written it's hidden. ;)

My rating: 8/10.

At the end 6077 Forestmen River Fortress:

Contains 357 parts.

This is a biggest Forestmen set ever released. We can find there 2 Forestmen with red plumes, 2 Forestmen with yellow plumes, 1 Forestmen with blue plume and 1 Crusaders knight. Weapons and accesories are 2 bows, 2 quivers, 3 ABS swords, 2 spears, a lance, 2 Forestmen shields, a whip - creeper and a chest with... er... treasure. ;)

Except the main building we get from this set also a raft built from barrels and a plate.

Model is playable, gate can be opened and closed using a string, a back can be opened and in the building there is a prison, which is in the water. :)

This time on the top flutters a Monaco flag (fits better than Indonesia flag :) ).

My rating: 8/10.

My rating for whole theme: 9/10.

Regards, Dr Kilroy