New Trains sets on ShopAtHome


4 new Trains sets were released on S@H - I knew that such sets came out, but they didn't interest me very much until I saw them on Brickset.

And here they are:

7936 Level Crossing. Nothing special, but road signs are new and the crane looks quite neatly.

7939 Cargo Train. Looks quite nice, and a truck and two cars with the same construction like in 3177, but in different colour scheme were included. I like the transhipment station - it look playably.

7938 Passenger Train, one of my favourites. :) This set has relatively little amount of tracks, but design is nice. Flexible tracks, traffic lights, interesting station and useful minifigs (passengers have got torsos, which were released mainly in big and rare sets).

7937 Train Station. When it comes to design, it's probably the best set I'm talking about today. The set looks impeccably. Only the taxi could be more caddillac-esque, but this one is OK, too. :) The ensemble is in toned colours, and minifigs have got interesting outfits (maybe you can guess that my favourites are gentleman in black waistcoat and stationmaster in navy jacket).

Photos of Grand Emporium will be posted soon, also expect a post from Krzysztof.

Best regards, Dr Kilroy

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