Oversized parts


I haven't posted for a long time, I'm sorry. Today I want to show you a MOC I found on The Brothers Bricks. It was built by Matija Grguric and shows Lego parts. Oh, nothing interesting, right? Well, they're in a different size you think:

The similarity is so large that when I saw these the first time, I couldn't tell them from real parts. The interesting fact is that they will be available for sale in Creations for Charity action, about which I've posted a year ago and about which I'll post in the nearest future.

Best regards, Dr Kilroy


Exclusive set - Diagon Alley 10217

A recent post from our friend, Krzysztof, of course about Exclusives: :)

Hello to everyone! Somehow it came that I haven't written anything recently, but I shall fill these gaps.

Recently an information and photos of a new, extraordinary set from Harry Potter theme appeared. It is a exclusive set - Diagon Alley. One who have read the book or have watched the film, knows what's going on. :)

The main elements are three buildings - Gringott's bank, Ollivander's store and Borgin & Burke's shop. Each building has got a furnished interior, but no back wall - for betterment of play. The set includes 11 beautiful minifigs and a lot of small accessories. Amount of parts is impressive - 2025.

As it always happens with licensed themes, this set won't be inexpensive.

Here is a film of my production with all photos.

Best regards, Krzysztof

Note from Dr: he unfortunately forgot about very elegant dresses of goblins and Fred and George! :)


My best sets


Another time in a row I apologize that I write so seldom, but I have a quite busy time in the year. Nevertheless, I try to write something from time to time. Recently, nothing worth attention happened in Lego community (from what I know), so the only way out is:
a) describe a MOC,
b) create a subject myself.

I wrote about MOCs recently (comparatively), so I decided to write about the sets that I'm most proud of. :)
Of course we have to start from my most rare and expensive set, namely:

1. 6399 Airport Shuttle:

I must make a review of it sometime. Maybe you remember a post about Monorail trains? Then I dreamed about such a train. After all I found a relatively cheap specimen on Allegro (Polish auction platform) and I got it for Christmas. I must admit that this is my favourite set. Putting aside the beautiful model and interesting, though old-fashioned minifigs, it reminds me of this old, good style of 80's. It encouraged me ultimately to buy old sets rather than new. Despite early origin, it is very playable. It also contains a lot of parts useful for building Monorail train and it can be expanded with other Flight sets, that's mainly why I'm planning to get 6597 Century Skyway, the next beautiful, classic Town set, for Christmas:

2. 10182 Cafe Corner:

That's of course Cafe Corner, one of the most cult sets of recent years. It launched the Modular Houses theme, one of the most succesful in the history of Lego. Maybe the next tenements are nice too, but Cafe Corner will be my favourite forever. ;) The only thing that doesn't suit me in this set is lack of any furniture, but designers haven't come up with such an idea yet - it can be got over. :)

3. 4558 Metroliner:

The next classic set, this time from Trains. That was my first, so old set. I didn't know what can I expect, so I was pleasantly suprised. The advantages of this set are big amount of classic minifigs, a few tracks and other Trains parts and opportunity of building two models from instruction, which in my opinion don't differ in look. Lack of a speed regulator must be considered as a disadvantage. Fortunately, I got mine with the set from the seller on Bricklink, furthermore they aren't particularly rare or expensive as 9V parts. Interior of locomotives is a bit modest, but I can't stick to anything in the car. An additional advantage is opportunity of buying an additional car in set 4547 Club Car:

Nowadays this set is rather expensive, it costs almost same as the train itself, so only real collectors can break even. ;)

4. 5978 Sphinx Secret Surprise and 5988 The Temple of Anubis:

Ones of the best and largest sets from my first theme, Adventurers. Later I rather switched to Town, but that doesn't mean I forgot about Johnny Thunder and his friends (including Dr Kilroy :) ). The main advantage of these sets and this, what I appreciate in Adventurers sets is a high level of playability. What would be this theme without pitfalls and traps? Apart from that, these sets contain a lot of interesting pieces and minifigs. Models, both buildings and vehicles, are successful in vast majority. Adventurers is the Lego Group's best offer from the period of so–called Dark Age of Lego.

5. 7171 Mos Espa Podrace:

Among rather boring and gray sets from Star Wars, this one grabs attention with its colours and size, and that's partly why it's one of my favourites. It's an excellent part donor for all kinds of gadgets, stuff and building miniatures. :) A lot of elements may also be useful for making greebles, or pseudo–technical elements of spaceships etc. Another pluses are Star Wars minifigs, when we can't use them, they can be disposed for a high price on Bricklink or aformentioned Allegro. :) The models are ones of the best from this theme and while Anakin's pod (blue–yellow) can seem small, and Sebulba's one (orange–black) coarse and heavy, the Gasgano's vehicle (green) is relatively light and interesting, so it is my favourite part of this set.

That's all for today. At the next time I will talk about my wish list, or the sets I want to own in my collection.

Best regards, Dr Kilroy