Lego Forestmen

Hello! I'm sorry you waited so long for a new post, but I didn't have vein. :) Today we will talk about Forestmen.

Do you remember those green guys with traditional smiled faces, bows and characteristic hats with plumes? Yeah, they are Forestmen.

Sets from this sub-theme were produced in 80-s - Lego Golden Age. Characteristic features of this Castle branch are, excluding minifigs, green baseplates, green parts used to build trees and outlook of buildings, imitating trees with black (why?) trunks with gray accents.

Now I'll show you sets from this subtheme. Sadly, only 7 (or rather 6) were released.

First is 1680 Crusader's Cart (similiar to 1877, but comes with 3 minifigs):

And this 1877 (released only in USA):

1680 includes 67 parts, 1877 60 parts.

But if I would enrich a few minifigs I wouldn't buy this set. Why? One costs about 30$. ;)

Despite the price set isn't bad, but Forestmen have got more popular, red plumes (which also are rare for me :D ). We've got also old, round shield, pitchfork, ABS sword (acrylo-nitrylo-butadienostyrene, those new, pearl swords can be bented on, which is due to the lack of this material, which is a a principal component of the bricks) and red saddle (with a part of the horse xP).

Main model is also good.

My rating: 6/10.

Now 1974, Smuggler's Hayride (released only in USA):

Contains 47 parts.

This set is slightly less interesting than listed above, contains only two minifigs - one peasant (with pitchfork :) ) and one Forestmen (with black plume :D ).

IMO the railings and color of whip don't fit properly, but everything except those is OK. :)

Trivia: under the number 1974 were realeased three sets. Really 1974 is a number of bigger set, which contains some smaller (S@H name: Product Collections).

My rating: 5/10.

There are the photos of other smaller sets in 1974:

Star Quest (31 parts):

I Flyercracker USA (69 parts):

Next set is 6054 - Forestmen's Hideout, one of the bigger sets:

Contains 191 bricks.

That's one of the bigger set from Forestmen subtheme. Unfortunately, we can find there only 2 minifigs - with red and yellow plumes. The set is perfect - in terms of parts (2 Forestmen shields, a bow, ABS sword, 3 small plant parts, 7 bigger plant parts, two pine trees [small and large] and an archery target) and in terms of playability (the building can be opened, this feature is characteristical for sets from those days). Only disadvantages are the lack of the interior and yellow round plates 1x1 instead of gold coins, but then this mould wasn't invented.

But when this is a hideout, why on the top flutters a red flag? :)

My rating: 7/10.

Now the legendary 6066 Camouflaged Outpost, first set from this subtheme:

Contains 189 bricks.

This is my favourite Forestmen set. Contains 6 minifigures - with blue, red, yellow and black (!) plumes. We can find there also a brown horse with red saddle, 2 goblets, 5 bows, a smaller kind of halberd, ABS sword, 2 small pine trees, 3 small plant parts and 8 bigger plant parts.

The outpost is builded on 2 baseplates - 8x16 and 16x16, so it can be opened.

We can enter the building through two entrances - the first can be opened by raising the black rock, second by raising the "driveway". :D

And like in 6054 - on the top there is a red flag. :)

My rating: 10/10. Yeah!

The next set in 6071 Forestmen's Crossing (only avaible in USA):

Contains 207 parts.

One of the rarest Forestmen sets. We can find there 5 minifigs - 2 with yellow and 2 with red plumes, and one, very rare, unique Forestwoman! :D Well, and one white horse with traditional Forestmen red saddle. Accesories: green whip - creeper, brown spear, 3 bows with 3 quivers, Forestmen shield, ABS sword and a chest with treasure (yellow round plates 1x1 xP ). There are also 14 parts - leaves, only large. Rare parts from this set are brown ladder, brown rope bridge and Forestwoman's headgear (green Pirate rag wrap).

Model is very playable, like all Forestmen buildings. I love all hideouts etc. :) It's a pity there aren't any hideouts in a tree, if it would appear, my rating of this set could increase a bit.

Well, and a red flag on the top - but now there's nowhere written it's hidden. ;)

My rating: 8/10.

At the end 6077 Forestmen River Fortress:

Contains 357 parts.

This is a biggest Forestmen set ever released. We can find there 2 Forestmen with red plumes, 2 Forestmen with yellow plumes, 1 Forestmen with blue plume and 1 Crusaders knight. Weapons and accesories are 2 bows, 2 quivers, 3 ABS swords, 2 spears, a lance, 2 Forestmen shields, a whip - creeper and a chest with... er... treasure. ;)

Except the main building we get from this set also a raft built from barrels and a plate.

Model is playable, gate can be opened and closed using a string, a back can be opened and in the building there is a prison, which is in the water. :)

This time on the top flutters a Monaco flag (fits better than Indonesia flag :) ).

My rating: 8/10.

My rating for whole theme: 9/10.

Regards, Dr Kilroy


MdBlue building

Hello! I was browsing Brickshelf and I founded a beautiful buliding by Hana129. Enjoy!

The photo is the link to the gallery. But you can go there later, I've got a suprise for you...

You think it's all? No. This building has also got a full equiped furniture!

That's a restaurant. :)

Sorry for lack of posts, but I didn't have enough time to write. Until now I'll try to do it more frequently. ;)

Regards, Dr Kilroy


What will we get, when we mix up 10199 with 10193?

New Svelte's MOC of course!

More photos:

Regards, Dr Kilroy


New exclusive set - Imperial Flagship!

A new post from Krzysztof, Exclusives expert:

Welcome, on 1 January 2010 a new Exclusive set - Imperial Flagship (10210) will be released.

The ship consists of 1664 parts, includes 9 minifigs: capitain, his daughter, pirate capitains with handcuffs, cooker, lieutenant and 4 soldiers. Underboard (I'm not sure about translation) includes 4 cannons, boxes with ammunition, cannon balls, muskets etc. and 3 lanterns, bottles, treasure chests, a prison with a rat, a kitchen with food and other details.

The ship can be divided into 3 parts. On the sailboard we can find 6 windows, a raised and lowered anchor and steering wheel. Dimensions of the historic ship are: 75 cm long and 60 cm tall. Ages: 14+.

Prices: US $179.99, CA $229.99, UK £ 139.99, DE € 149.99.

It's worth to wait for those constructions. IMO it's the best Lego ship ever produced. An amount of details, great colors, realistic look, large dimensions, large amount of bricks and number of minifigs are the greatest advantages of this set. I'll certainly buy it. ;-)

More photos here:http://www.flickr.com/photos/dunechaser/sets/72157622380736163/
And here: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=404065


Winter Toy Shop already on sale!

Message from Legofan:


Winter Toy Shop (10199) is already on sale on SaH: LINK
It's on the first place on my shopping list.

For 60$ we get 7 minifigs and 815 parts. IMO this is the best Lego Christmas set ever released.
In this set we can also get some rare and new parts: star on the largest Christmas tree, DkTan tiles, two carol singers' heads and black 1x2x3 windows.

You can find more photos in first link.

P.S. I'm a new co-blogger on Bricks in suit. :-)