The best Lego sets ever - No. 10


Alas, I have not been posting for over one month. That was caused not only by the lack of time (which is notorious for me :) ), but also by the lack of an idea for a interesting post (which was the cause at this time). Fortunately I decided in time to write a list of ten articles (not very long), and each of them will describe one Lego set I consider distinctive. The majority of them will be the sets I own myself, as they will be easier for me to rate. I will start from the end, so today is the number 10. On this place there is:

5986 Amazon Ancient Ruins from Adventurers theme.

I do not own this set. Perhaps it is not so great set, so it could be placed in an objective list (which actually cannot be made), but it is included in mine because of the sentiment. I remember as I looked at its photos from the Brickset, building instructions from Peeron and searching if someone is selling it on the Internet. :)
Its biggest value, as for the majority of sets from Adventurers theme, is its playability achieved by various traps, which I loved to start and hand over "the bad" towards annihilation (as I have got a younger sister, I sometimes do it nawadays, too :) ).
The sets contains eight minifigs, including my namesake Dr Kilroy, Johnny Thunder, miss Pippin Read (aka Gail Storm, I never found out which is correct), Señor Palomar, sailor Gabarro and guardian Achu. The interesting part is undoubtely the golden disc, the most valuable Adventurers treasure.

Best regards, Dr Kilroy