Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The best wishes from Dr Kilroy and Krzysztof

A christmas tree by PurpleDave

Best regards, Dr Kilroy



A new post from our invaluable Krzysztof:


A few days ago, a LUGPol user - maciejer has showed his amazing construction, or cottage. The name is rather unsuitable, because it's rather a big house...

An amazing building in beautiful colours, fully furnitured interior, four storeys, the garden... What more could you want? :) The house undoubtely makes makes a big impression, but "the garden" is also interesting - a lot of plants and declines of ground make the construction more realistic.

Here's the gallery.

Best regards, Krzysztof


The next series of collectable minifigs!


Right, this is the fourth series of collectable minifigs. There aren't any elegant dresses, but I really like the garden gnome. :)

Yes, yes, here you are, photos:

Best regards, Dr Kilroy