Medieval houses


I have not written anything in a long time because I have a lot of work nowadays and I cannot find time for writing. Today I would like to present medieval buildings made in an interesting way by Brickshelf user ZCerberus:

More photographs in the gallery.

Best regards, Dr Kilroy


10222 Winter Village Post Office


I am sorry that I have not written anything lately. I was doing some non-Lego business. Today I want to write (with some delay) about a new-released set, continuation of 10126 Winter Village Shop. This time this is a winter post office. It contains 820 parts and 7 minifigs. Behold the photos:

I like the instruments - saxophone and banjo, and the car very much.

Best regards, Dr Kilroy


Pictures at the Exhibition - part 2 - Gnomus


Today there is another part of "Pictures at the Exhibition" series. This time the vignette depicts (as Stasov says) "a sketch depicting a little gnome, clumsily running with crooked legs." The Hartmann's picture that inspired Mussorgsky was a design sketch for a nutcracker with large teeth.

You can listen to Ravel's transcription on "Gnomus" here:

Music link

Here are the pictures:

Back of the work:

As perhaps you can see, the fireplace in gnome's cave is iluminated using the same method as in the previous vignette. This time I decided to change the method of activating the light, however:

This scene is a bit worse than the previous one, but nevertheless I think it is worth publishing. ;) I wait for comments.

Best regards, Dr Kilroy


Pictures at the Exhibition - part 1. - Promenade


This is my first MOC I publish here. I think it is quite good. ;)

The MOC I have built is a depiction of first movement - Promenade - of the famous suite "Pictures at the Exhibition" by Modest Mussorgsky. Comment by Russian critic Stasov goes as follows: In this piece Mussorgsky depicts himself "roving through the exhibition, now leisurely, now briskly in order to come close to a picture that had attracted his attention, and at times sadly, thinking of his departed friend." The departed friend is a Russian painter Viktor Hartmann, whose paintings inspired Mussorgsky to compose "Pictures".

The piece was originally composed for piano, but the transcription (by Ravel) for orchestra is perhaps more pictorial, so it fits more here; you can listen to the piece here:

Music link

Here are the pictures:

Note that the picture at the exhibition is Hartmann's "Paris Catacombs":


Here is Mussorgsky himself:

Some random gentleman:

A close-up on the front of the tenement:

After building the whole vignette, I decided to put some electricity in it. :) So I have taken an old 9V battery box, a light brick and a wire and I illuminated the exhibition. :)

(It really looks better in real - it is hard to take a picture in which you can clearly seen that the exhibition in illuminated.)

The light is activated by pressing a big red button in the back:

I hope you liked this MOC. Comment, please. ;) Soon I will make the other 10 movements of "Pictures at the Exhibition".

Best regards, Dr Kilroy


Vignette - a manor room


I am going to build something myself soon. I hope I will present my own MOC already in the next post. I will distinguish it from other MOC posts by means of the history of building and photos of elements invisible in regular presentation (if there will be any). At present however, a vignette by diidy showing a room in an old manor and its owner:

The chair, footrest and lamp are certainly worth attention. The trophy bird on the shelf and the pipe are also conspicuous. My favourite part is however the shelf itself with compartments made using SNOT in a very interesting way. Perhaps I will use this technique in some of my MOCs.

Best regards, Dr Kilroy


Rashmor Castle

For a very long time I have not written about any MOC made by a member of Club of Young Lego Fans (KMFL), in which I am a member, too. Recently a chance finally showed up. :) Lolino built a castle - one of the best I have seen, if we are talking about young builders. It is not in minifig scale, but the author of the MOC is working on it. :) His constructions are inventive in using building techniques and very detailed. Behold the pictures:

More photos in the gallery.

Best regards, Dr Kilroy


The best Lego sets ever - No. 8


Today there will be the new post about best Lego sets. This time this is a set that I already own, namely:

5978 Sphinx Secret Suprise from Adventurers theme, Egyptian Desert subtheme:

As I own this set for a rather long time, it will be easier for me to rate it.
First: this set is perfectly designed. The sphinx looks very realistically and aesthetically. The statue of Anubis, neat automobile, palm tree and ingenious in their simplicity camp with fireplace and tent fulfill it.
Second: as it may be predicted for an Adventurers set - it is very playable. I even state that the traps and hideouts in this set are the most imaginative of all from Adventurers history. They are: a mummy jumping out of the sphinx after snapping a pivot, a falling obelisk (under which there is a hideout) and a hideout in the front of the sphinx, under a grey plate.
The set contains 7 minifigs: Johnny Thunder, Dr Kilroy, Pippin Read, Baron von Barron, Slyboots, a mummy and a skeleton. The rare pieces are among others a white headcloth on the head of the skeleton and a transparent dome used as a glass-case.
Because of all these features I think that this is the best Adventurers set.

Best regards, Dr Kilroy