Here is a translated message from Krzysztof (Sprinter), who's a new co-blogger on Polish version of blog:

I cheerfully welcome you all, who are reading our blog. I have a pleasure to tell you I'm a new co-blogger. User of KMFL, Legofan join us, too.

I hope you'll like our posts and informations posted here.

End of Krzysztof's message. Of course I will translate and post here all messages written by our new co-bloggers.



Our (propably) future co-blogger, Legofan, builded a Pirate-themed warehouse:

A photo is a link to the gallery. Look at the roof!


Metroliner monorail, small article about monorail and announcement

BBroich transformed a famous set - 4558 Metroliner to a monorail train:

A photo is a link to gallery, you can find there few nice monorail trains.

Now when we start talking about monorail, I'll tell you a few words about it. This system was used first time in 1987 in Space set - 6990 Monorail Transport System:

System is based on track with one rail in the middle of it. It's underpined by brackets. It needs a special motor. Now these parts are very rare and expensive. IMHO the best monorail set is 6399 Airport Shuttle:

And announcement: I'll propably employ two co-bloggers - Legofan and Sprinter94 (Krzysztof) from KMFL (Polish Young Lego Fans Club).


Teclis17 builded a chaise:

This photo isn't the link to gallery, there weren't any better photos. This work have a lot of details, but my favourite are horseshoes. :)


Maybe it isn't elegant, but it isn't building. :) It's a vignette builded by Candaclark. It shows people eating turkey, and ants disturbing them:

The image is the link. I like the tunnels and a 'cave' with food in it.

Justice Palace

Darthtuner builded a tenement, or Justice Palace:

There is also a second version:

The first photo is a link. It may seem strange, but I never thought the bricks pattern on corners can be builded out from bricks, not from tiles. Lanterns, ornaments above windows and arch above the entrance are very nice. In first version there are also benches, but there are a bit too wide for me.

The next time I will show you something which isn't a building. ;)

Flower shop

TijgerSan builded pretty florist:

The image is the link. I like Exo-Force hair used as small tree. The indoor is also nice. Take a look on TijgerSan's gallery, you can find there few nice modular houses.

Two nice MOCs

Today I want to present you 2 nice works:
First was built by Ley Ward (whateverly) and it looks like paper sheet and pencil:

Curve of upper left corner is a nice accent.
The second work is a Victorian tenement by L. G. Orlando:

I like windows, details and minifigs, but I don't know why lantern is on the back, it should be rather in front. A sidewalk also could be more elaborated.
All MOCs were found on The Brothers Brick.


White ravens, part 1 - Bikes


Bikes were rare until 2009, now they are more common. They were released in 35 sets in 5 colours (first time in 1985):
- Black (released in 8 sets - BL - used 1,80$ - 6,20$, new 2,50$ - 5,00$),
- Dark Pink (released in 4 sets - BL - used 2,00$ - 7,9825$, new 3,40$ - 7,50$),
- Red (commonest, released in 26 sets - BL - used 1,00$ - 3,50$, new 1,125$ - 4,79$),
- White (released in 1 set - BL - used 5,95$ - 31,3875$, new 30$),
- Yellow (released in 1 set - BL - used 4,99$ - 20,925$, new 13,30$ - 16,00$).
Bikes are used mostly in Town and Trains themes. They are made out from 5 parts - frame, 2 wheels and 2 rubber tires.

Now it's time for MOCs with bikes - that's not a common white raven, so there are lots of works with them. I chose only few of them:

Nexus7 builded beautiful diorama "Kalgoro" (4 bikes, only in red):

The photo is the link to gallery.
Nias improved a bike to obtain a 'Christmas atmosphere':

Some people don't need regular bikes to make cycling vignettes. For example Mijasper builded this vignette:

Take a look on lantern!
Not yet crushed bike looks like that:

Can someone tell me which part is used as saddle?
There is also a version for younger cyclists:

I have got 3 bicycles (2 red and 1 black) and it's not excluded I won't buy more. Bike is a elegant means of transport for elegant towns and cities.

I'm happy you are reading this post!

I cheerfully welcome you on this blog about Lego bricks. But wait - why I'm making a next Lego blog, though there are lots of them? Well, my blog is unique - it presents only elegant works and it's subjective (like the other Lego blog - Simon and the Bricks). I'd lie if I couldn't say I wasn't inspired by Simon and the Bricks. It's one of my favourite blogs, but it's only in Polish, so it isn't understandable for some readers.

Greetings, Dr Kilroy

P.S. I'm not a native English speaker, so if I'll make a language mistake, tell me it in comment, please.