Eis Pirat!

A tenement builded by Erdbeereis, the Eurobricks user:

Look at the... well, actually at everything: ingenious roof built with clips, flexes and tiles, whip ornaments (BTW they are similiar to those arnaments in Fire Brigade, on ground floor), interesting barriers between the pavement and tables, chairs, a counter with ice cream and nice umbrellas. A use of train glasses with white frame add some modernity to this building. I was going to add some criticism, but unfortunately I can't, maybe the next time. ;)

More photos:

Regards, Dr Kilroy


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Best wishes from entire team of Bricks in Suit.


Christmas card by Athos.


New sets coming out in 2010


Eurobricks user, Whung, found few photos of boxes of new sets coming out in 2010. I found among them one quite elegant set and one, which can be regarded as such. The first is 3222:

We can't see very much on this photo, but limo is beautiful, and minifigs (especially the companion of this VIP :) ) look interesting. We don't know the prices yet.

The second is an impulse 7567:

Excellent selection of parts; a computer, a camera, a shoulder bag, ginger hair (those "modern"), my favourite minifig face, two suitcases, cheese slope 2x1 and two clear panels 1x2. We don't know the price of this set, too (probably about 4$).

More photos on Eurobricks and in Whung's gallery (after publication).

Regards, Dr Kilroy