First photos of new Exclusive sets!

A new post from Krzysztof:

Hello to everyone. Finally new exclusive sets - Tower Bridge 10214 and Winter Village Bakery 10216 - first photos were revealed.

Now the first and the largest (over 4200 pieces) - Tower Bridge:

From that we can see it is beautiful. :-) Tower Bridge is a very elegant construction from the end of XIX century and the idea of creating such a set was very successful. Like it can be seen, it is in microscale (because in minifig scale it would have 3 meters :-) ). Unfortunately the price will be as stunning as the impression that this set does make...

A winter bakery is an excellent addition to the set Winter Toy Shop 10199. It is designed in a similiar style. Making of the ice rink was an interesting and original idea.

Both sets are very elegant and worth buying. When photos in higher resolution will come up you will be informed about this in a jiffy.

Best regards, Krzysztof.

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