Pipe organs


Perhaps I would want to write about organs, about how do they work and how to play them, but I will not do that because it's a blog about Lego and I will not "litter" it, or as maybe some would say, without quotation marks. ;)

Since I recently started to play organ, I have checked the Brickshelf, what are the entries on that matter there. I found that there are even some interesting ones, namely models of the Brickshelf user hidaka:

The first one is a rather little MOC, in priciple a vignette, and what comes next, the organ showed in it are relatively small. It is at the same time the only model in minifig scale. The pipes are made of yellow tiles, the manuals are made in that way, so the usually white keys are black and vice versa. It is of course seen in the original instruments. Alas, it lacks stop knobs, or knobs used to activate organ stops.


The next organ is yet larger. The keyboards are coloured regularly. The organ front looks interesting; pipes are ingeniously built of grey bricks and inverted slopes, using holes in bases of the latter. It also lacks the drawknobs.


The last organ is the biggest and, in my opinion, the best. The pipes are yellow, with using both techniques from the previous works. The manuals are again uncommonly coloured, there are also drawknobs! - as a matter of fact, in not a typical place, but still:

There is also the back; it looks a bit slovenly, but it's perhaps as it should:


Now we wait for someone, who will build the largest, still working Wanamaker Organ in Philadelphia. :)

Though, as a matter of fact, it's a dummy organ front, this is the real instrument:

But I change the subject. :)

Best regards, Dr Kilroy