LEGO and NASA join forces

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Recently, NASA oficially stated, that in 2011 it will cooperate with The Lego Group again. It will consist of, among others, building selected Lego sets by astronauts on the International Space Station in the space. On this occasion, in 2011 the following set will be released, or...

The International Space Station:

This is an extraordinary set because of amount of TransBlue tiles. There are 256 of them in size 1x8 studs and 24 in size 1x4 studs! Additionally the set resembles the original station very well.

That's how the computer model of the real station looks like:

In my opinion the idea is exquisite and I will definitely belong to the group of happy owners of this station made of bricks. :)

Best regards, Dr Kilroy


Continued news about collectable minifigs...


I knew that yesterday, but I wanted to dose data. :)

Lego canceled using bar codes on packages - instead of this a secret system of dots is used. :) Here is a cheatsheet for curious:

I'm curious what they will invent in the fourth volume - it is likely that the minifigs will be in boxes or tins.

Best regards, Dr Kilroy


New collectable minifigs already in retail!


The new, third series of collectable minifigs is already in stores. They can be bought on Ebay. Also try in shops in bigger cities.

Thanks to this information, we know that these are ultimate, not preliminary forms of these minifigs. There are the most recent photos:

By the way, someone has put the mummy's torso front to back... :)

Best regards, Dr Kilroy


New collectable minifigs


I've just found (through the Eurobricks) a preliminary picture of the third series of Lego collectable minifigs:

Alas there are no elegant dresses, but there are also some interesting parts: fisherman's beard, "Gorilla suit guy" (I'm interested what head does he own), tennis player's hairpiece, race car driver, etc.

There are no informations on date of release of these figs, but I think that the price will be the same as the prices of previous series.

Best regards, Dr Kilroy