White ravens, part 2 - Minifig food

Welcome! I'm sorry for being late in work, but I not always can spend so much time for writing as I should. I'll try to fill the arrears this week, but I'm pretty sure I'll fail to. :) Today we will talk about minifigs' food. This subject is quite big, so I won't focus on data or prices, but on my opinion about this or that part (I will write about prices or information when it will be necessary). So let's start:

food for minifigs can be considered as everything which is in "Food" category on Bricklink, or:

apple - appears in following colours: BrightGreen, Green and Red. Not so rare, usually costs less than one dollar.

...Which doesn't mean it can't be used well. What do you associate with apples? Athos associated it with the legend about William Tell, because he builded this scene:

Simple builded, but still looks great. I don't get the use of placing this forestman's hat on the stake, perhaps someone will illuminate me?

banana - oficially it appears in tan and yellow, but only the latter part can be considered as food, because the tan one was used in Harry Potter set 4767 as a dragon's claw. Hence it, the common yellow part is cheap, and rarer more expensive - costs somewhere around one dollar.

Unfortunately I haven't find any interesting work with a use of banana. The next food:

bread (IMO more similiar to baguette) - undoubtely rarer than apples or bananas - appears in 13 sets, in addition only in Fabuland and Belville themes. Appears in three colours: Earth Orange, Light Yellow and Tan. Costs average about 2 dollars. This part is very useful especially in building bakeries, like this, by Hippotam:

Ingenious use of the body of ship, which I will talk about another time.

Belville cakes - rare, perhaps because they appear only in Belville sets. The price of this one in the middle is 7 dollars! When summarize, they appear in 11 sets. Parts useful for all kinds of parties, banquets etc.

Finally I found the work about Alice in Wonderland. :) Here it is:

The next step:

carrot - nothing special, except it's composed of two parts. The price rather doesn't exceed one dollar. This part, like the most of food parts, has its roots in Belville theme, and then it was moved to minifig themes. This explains the carrot's monstrous size, that in terms of our sizes measures about 1,5 meters long. Polish master of vignette, Crises, has built this small work, showing dwarves guarding carrots, which are pulling by a rabbit:

I like the effect of chiaroscuro used in the tree. The next:

cherries - probably the most common Lego food, they usually appear in sets in amount of few pieces. Expect DarkPink and red, they also appear in Lime, which isn't suitable for cherries. I think they are chestnuts. :) They cost less than 15 cents. A builder which hides under a strange nick borda has built nice vignette showing a cherry-tree:

I recommend to see his gallery, I love his Castle works. The next:

croissant. Well, real croissants are made out of French pastry, without filling, eaten by Frenchmen for breakfast, but it's not a culinary blog, so let's call it a croissant. Very interesting and useful part, it is useful not only for bakeries, but also for elegant restaurants and some romantic French pubs (the best in CCC tenements). I saw it once used as a stomach, but never mind. They were released in two types - more and less baked, or Dark Orange and Earth Orange. On the vignette showed below we can see a Frenchmen eating his breakfast. Maybe he isn't very similiar to a Frenchmen, but let it be:

By Johŋ. Maybe I will write a post about Frenchmen sometime, this is rather elegant nation, after all. :)

The next food:

on Bricklink it appears as Hot Dog, but I'll call it a sausage. Well, sausage - rather useful part as the Lego meat arsenal isn't very substantial. Summarizing, there's nothing more that can be said about it. It appears in red and Flesh, or this like flesh of Arabs from Indiana Jones. I haven't find any interesting work with sausages, if someone of you have seen it, give me the link please. ;)

The next:

ice cream - well, one of the rarest parts in this category. This part hardly appears in any MOCs, I haven't seen any, at least. If someone has seen it, give me the link, please. :) A brick appears in three colours - yellow, white and Medium Orange, this last appears only in one set, Belville in addition.

The next part:

the next ice cream, but now it's a lot more common part, appears in MOCs frequently, and what's the most important, it can be seen in sets, which aren't Belville. :) They were produced in six, not frequently seen colours, the rarest are Salmon and Light Green (5$). White cost only about 40 cents, however. One MOC with this kind of ice cream has fallen into my eye - a weird vehicle builded by certain døver, which I have probably already seen somewhere:

But with ice cream use aside, this part can be used as, say, steam:

This is one of my favourite vignettes by 2 Much Caffeine.


muffin. Well, it isn't very interesting or rare part. Altough it costs one and a half dollars, which gives it a place higher than eg. an apple or a cherry, but it isn't any white raven. It rarely appears in MOCs, like the most of Belville parts. However it's interesting that it's simply a cook's hat with a print.

The next brick is:

next ice cream. Now they are ice jolly, however. They appear in six colours, but only brown and red are rare (more than one dollar). I can't tell nothing more about it. I like PipCasbar's work, showing R2-D2 selling ice cream:

A clever execution.

Finally the last point:

turkey. An obligatory part of all kinds of banquets and feasts. It appears in two colours: Dark Orange (which costs about 3,30 dollars) and Earth Orange, which costs even 16 dollars! This is a real white raven! :) It's such a legendary part, so it appears in lots of MOCs, but I'll show only one, which I liked the most, by marakoeschtra:

Great, original idea, great, original execution, what more can I say? :)

That's all.

Best regards, Dr

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