New Exclusive set!

A post from Krzysztof, a bit outdated now, but never mind :) :

Hello to everyone.

A few days ago an information and photos of new set from Exclusive theme - Space Adventure 10213 were revealed.

The set is magnificient, in my opinion. It's composed of 1204 bricks, includes three minifigs - two astronauts and one terrestial service worker. Space shuttle is 44 cenimeters long and 25 centimeters wide. The external tank and auxiliary rockets can be detached. The shuttle has got also opening cabin where the astronauts can be placed and an opening hatchway where is an movable arm with telescope (it's probably Hubble Space Telescope - I think so) and folding landing gear.

Well... This set is a great suprise. There weren't any previews about such an Exclusive set. In my opinion it's magnificient. :-) Minifigs have got beautiful space suits, the space shuttle is well designed and has got a lot of features.

Frankly, rockets and the space shuttle itself remind me these NASA machines: http://www.dbtechno.com/images/NASA_space_shuttle_giveaway.jpg .

I'm happy that LEGO thought about doing such a set because 2010 is a year of withdrawal of all NASA space shuttles.

More informations and photo can be found here: http://shop.lego.com/product/?p=10213&LangId=2057&ShipTo=PL .

Best regards, Krzysztof

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