USS Constellation 10021

A post from Krzysztof:

Hello to everyone.

Recently I succeeded to purchase extraordinary Lego set - USS Constellation 10021. It comes from Legends theme and was released in 2002. It interested me since the first time I saw it's photo. That's why I decided to write a review on KMFL forum.

Here it is:

The model consists of 973 parts, it's a rerelease of 398 set from 1978. The set is packed into a solid, neat box.

The construction progresses smoothly, isn't boring and gives a lot of satisfaction.
That's how the finished ship looks alike:

The whole, a lot longer review with more photos and more detailed description can be found here (in Polish). I hope that you'll like my review and I'll encourage you to get interested with this nonpareil. ;-)

Best regards!

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