The best Lego sets ever - No. 8


Today there will be the new post about best Lego sets. This time this is a set that I already own, namely:

5978 Sphinx Secret Suprise from Adventurers theme, Egyptian Desert subtheme:

As I own this set for a rather long time, it will be easier for me to rate it.
First: this set is perfectly designed. The sphinx looks very realistically and aesthetically. The statue of Anubis, neat automobile, palm tree and ingenious in their simplicity camp with fireplace and tent fulfill it.
Second: as it may be predicted for an Adventurers set - it is very playable. I even state that the traps and hideouts in this set are the most imaginative of all from Adventurers history. They are: a mummy jumping out of the sphinx after snapping a pivot, a falling obelisk (under which there is a hideout) and a hideout in the front of the sphinx, under a grey plate.
The set contains 7 minifigs: Johnny Thunder, Dr Kilroy, Pippin Read, Baron von Barron, Slyboots, a mummy and a skeleton. The rare pieces are among others a white headcloth on the head of the skeleton and a transparent dome used as a glass-case.
Because of all these features I think that this is the best Adventurers set.

Best regards, Dr Kilroy

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