The best Lego sets ever - No. 9

Hello! Today there will be the next post about the best Lego sets. Now there is the time for number 9, namely:

6990 Monorail Transport System from Space theme, Futuron subtheme:

I also do not own this set. Nevertheless it is the best Lego Space set (so it will be the only representative of this theme). It was the first set, in which my favourite Monorail system, about which I have written here. It is of course present on my list of priority purchases. :)
The assortment of the parts from this set is not very extraordinary, but it is large enough to build your own Monorail train. There are few tracks, but when you will have some other sets with this technology used, you can expand them to quite large sizes. The set also contains parts with lights, a cable and so-called battery box, which allow to build MOCs with shining parts, not neccessarily related with Space or trains at all.
The main model of the set itself was well designed and it is nice looking. It is also quite playable - it contains various lockers and five minifigs - two blue astronauts and three yellow ones. The next advantage are alternative models given on the back of the instructions sheet:

It is all for today. In the next part there will be a set which is already in my possession. :)

Best regards, Dr Kilroy

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