New collectible minifigs coming out in 2010!


Eurobricks user, Sir Dano, found a photo of the collectible minifigs, which probably will be released in 2010:

If it's true, we will get a bunch of new parts and also some reactivated old ones. If someone doesn't know, I'll say who is who:

1. Cavemen,
2. Cheerleader,
3. Clown,
4. Adventurer,
5. Dummy,
6. Diver,
7. Indian,
8. Magician (ellegant!),
9. Ninja,
10. Nurse,
11. Forestman (!!!),
12. Robot,
13. Some rock musician, or something like that :) ,
14. Astronaut,
15. Wrestler,
16. Zombie.

My favourites are Forestmen, nurse and magician. If they really will be released, we will have a minifig revolution! What do you think?

Regards, Dr Kilroy

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