Creations for Charity


The picture is the link. Nannan Zhang founded a store on the Bricklink, in which he sells famous builders' MOCs. All funds will go towards buying Lego sets for unprivileged children. Foundation Toys for Tots participes in this action.

Few intresting (and most elegant) works:

Surreakistic Nannan Zhang's vignette "Great Anachronism" (50 USD):

Beach booth (vignette size) by Michael Jasper (12,50 USD):

Holiday figures - nutcracker (not working :D ) and soldier by Don Wilson (10 USD):

Surrealistic work (diorama) by Nannan Zhang "Atavism" (50 USD):

"Charity Hour on Highway 44), mech - Brian Kscenovitz, the rest of the diorama - Keith Goldman (170 USD):

Yuck, mechs. However I quite like this work. :)

The best at the end - Dave Kaleta's tie (34 USD):

I could buy it, but I regret my money because I don't often wear ties. :D

If you want to participate in action and give your MOCs for auction, you only need to be more than 13 years old, send an e-mail to Nannan Zhang (mr.bley@gmail.com), in which are included a good photo of the work, link to gallery, minimal price of the MOC, it's name, short description and builder's full name. You can find more informations here.

I encourage you to auction.

Regards, Dr Kilroy

EDIT: The first wave sold for 1008,99 USD!

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