Pictures at the Exhibition - part 2 - Gnomus


Today there is another part of "Pictures at the Exhibition" series. This time the vignette depicts (as Stasov says) "a sketch depicting a little gnome, clumsily running with crooked legs." The Hartmann's picture that inspired Mussorgsky was a design sketch for a nutcracker with large teeth.

You can listen to Ravel's transcription on "Gnomus" here:

Music link

Here are the pictures:

Back of the work:

As perhaps you can see, the fireplace in gnome's cave is iluminated using the same method as in the previous vignette. This time I decided to change the method of activating the light, however:

This scene is a bit worse than the previous one, but nevertheless I think it is worth publishing. ;) I wait for comments.

Best regards, Dr Kilroy

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