Exclusive set - Diagon Alley 10217

A recent post from our friend, Krzysztof, of course about Exclusives: :)

Hello to everyone! Somehow it came that I haven't written anything recently, but I shall fill these gaps.

Recently an information and photos of a new, extraordinary set from Harry Potter theme appeared. It is a exclusive set - Diagon Alley. One who have read the book or have watched the film, knows what's going on. :)

The main elements are three buildings - Gringott's bank, Ollivander's store and Borgin & Burke's shop. Each building has got a furnished interior, but no back wall - for betterment of play. The set includes 11 beautiful minifigs and a lot of small accessories. Amount of parts is impressive - 2025.

As it always happens with licensed themes, this set won't be inexpensive.

Here is a film of my production with all photos.

Best regards, Krzysztof

Note from Dr: he unfortunately forgot about very elegant dresses of goblins and Fred and George! :)

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