Finally we have photos of 10211 Grand Emporium!

Late, but never mind. :P

I'm sorry I post so rarely, but winter is a period of intensive work. :) I promise I'll post more often next days (at least one post a week).

Anyway I present you a set 10211 Grand Emporium (photos from The Brothers Brick):

There are few new parts and few parts not seen in sets for a while. Tiles 1x3, DarkGreen windows, awnings above the display windows, bowls next to the entrance, DarkBlue, short minifig legs, saleswoman's torso, parts of cornice at the roof and probably some more belong to that first group. A ribbon at the present, curved railings, old flower (this grey ornament at the second floor), regular letter (not this like in Green Grocer), "rounded" glasses, which have appeared only in Belville so far (they can be seen in a window at first floor) and a tan baseplate. I also probably missed a few. :)

I will write a part of the description soon, when there will be more photos. :)

Regards, Dr

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