New exclusive set - Imperial Flagship!

A new post from Krzysztof, Exclusives expert:

Welcome, on 1 January 2010 a new Exclusive set - Imperial Flagship (10210) will be released.

The ship consists of 1664 parts, includes 9 minifigs: capitain, his daughter, pirate capitains with handcuffs, cooker, lieutenant and 4 soldiers. Underboard (I'm not sure about translation) includes 4 cannons, boxes with ammunition, cannon balls, muskets etc. and 3 lanterns, bottles, treasure chests, a prison with a rat, a kitchen with food and other details.

The ship can be divided into 3 parts. On the sailboard we can find 6 windows, a raised and lowered anchor and steering wheel. Dimensions of the historic ship are: 75 cm long and 60 cm tall. Ages: 14+.

Prices: US $179.99, CA $229.99, UK £ 139.99, DE € 149.99.

It's worth to wait for those constructions. IMO it's the best Lego ship ever produced. An amount of details, great colors, realistic look, large dimensions, large amount of bricks and number of minifigs are the greatest advantages of this set. I'll certainly buy it. ;-)

More photos here:http://www.flickr.com/photos/dunechaser/sets/72157622380736163/
And here: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=404065

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